Telemedicine app by Qsoft


Telemedicine app by Qsoft

We all desire to have someone who cares for us even when they are far and especially while we are in medical need. When you are sick and living at a distance from your family then the first thing that strikes your mind is to immediately inform someone to seek medical help. But due to the advancement in technology now you don’t need to be a worry about such petty issues.

The biggest thing that consumers are demanding these days is convenience in every aspect of their life. After analyzing the need Qsoft Pakistan has created a very useful app for its customers known as the Telemedicine app.

So, what is the telemedicine app, and why Qsoft Pakistan has created it? Let’s explore some very useful information and customer demand today.

Telemedicine is actually the utilization of information technology combined with telecommunication to give medical health care when you are at a distance. This app is developed to fill the gap of people living in remote areas. It is also developed to improve access to clinical services that are not always available in far communities. The telemedicine app plays a vital role in saving people’s life when they are in an emergency and in critical condition. This app is gaining fame each day and has become an essential product of the 20th century. The innovative technology of telemedicine app allows patients to get connected with medical staff by having the convenience of staying at their place and the medical staff completes their job with full responsibility and loyalty.

Telemedicine app is useful for all the common problems people have in their daily life for example fever, sinus infections, headaches, sinus, and urine infections which should be treated immediately to avoid further complications. But the problem people have these days is a shortage of time and for most of the people, time is money because if you want to visit a doctor then you have to take an off from your work and that will cost you money and time both.

The amazing feature of the telemedicine app is that you can have remote healthcare services from doctors while being on phone and you can also have a video call with them to show your actual condition. The trend of telemedicine is getting viral as around half of the hospitals in the United States of America are using this app. According to a recent survey it has been found out that around 90 percent of healthcare supervisors are executing a telemedicine program in their associations. Also, the common healthcare institutes are now adopting the trend of telemedicine because they are losing a huge amount of their patients who are taking the advantage of this app and moving with other hospitals.

Hospitals are having a tough time while changing their common methods into telemedicine app technology because it is hard to come up with a change in an organization and adding new technologies sometimes because a headache for the top management.

The foremost advantage of having a telemedicine app in healthcare cost savings. Analyzing the patient’s condition remotely and also providing medical services while monitoring the patient saves a lot of money. The patient data which is stored electronically reduces the cost of healthcare service. It will save your patient money, the insurance company’s money, and also saves money for the healthcare unit too. Doctors also have the benefit that they don’t have to check patients one by one standing in a long queue however, they can take calls quickly and provide assistance to patients by spending half of their time. Physicians who are on leaves due to some reasons can also operate this app by staying at home while at the same time they can cater to their patients in a very good manner.

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