Telemedicine refers to bringing health care facility remotely although patients and doctors are not physically present but having face to face interaction regarding health. Doctor and patient consultation have made ease through the advancement of the technology. Telemedicine is considered creative idea to bring the health facility accessible for doctors and patients in remote areas. It is really effective software as it provides the facility of having online consultation. It has given platform to patients to visit online doctors and proceed the communication through the channels such as video conferencing.


Telemedicine has given opportunity to the patients to visit the well qualified online specialist at your screen through the video calling. The long distance between doctor and patient have been covered through telemedicine technology in shape of online consultation. Patients have accessibility of number of doctors at a time. Telemedicine has availed the facility to patient to filter their searching of doctor according to the availability of time, experience and fees schedule of doctors etc. patients take online consultations of online physicians through the blessings of telemedicine at any place or may be at remote areas. Where, there is no availability of clinic to ensure health and care facility. Further, telemedicine has reduced the long distance to reach till the qualified, approved and registered doctor through PMDC.

Telemedicine has made the bridges between the doctor and patient through reducing long gap of remote area. Online consultation has made possible for the people who live in remote areas where there is no accessibility of health and care facilities. Accessibility of health and care facility remotely through audio and video conferencing. In nutshell, it is exchange of medical information from one place to another place or in remote area through online consultation, where online specialists are available to monitor patient health.


 The following are the portals of the telemedicine:

  • Patients Panel

Patients are given panel through which they can easily sign up and access the medical facility through telemedicine. On board doctors are available for patients. Patients are having facility to visit doctors’ profile in order to know about the experience level of doctors for availing better facility regarding health and care. In other words, patients can filter doctors’ profile according to the experience level, rate, fees structure, availability of time and specialization of online physicians. Further, there are two ways of consultations or online appointment through the video calling and in case of checkup of patients, visit is organized which must be accessible to doctor and patient.
Moreover, telemedicine is platform where all the consultation has Made possible where cloud base record of consultations and prescription of patients are available, accessible to doctor and patients. In nutshell, patient’s history can be easily available on fingertips of patients and doctors. Further, payment can be made through the payments gateways such easy paisa, jazz cash etc.

  • Doctor Panel

Doctors can easily access of telemedicine through their own sign up or login. Doctors are having facility to set their consultation day, time and date. Basically, it helps to fix the online appointment for patients and doctor according to the availability time. Doctors are supposed to online on their mention availability for the sake of consultation.
Further, doctors are supposed to manage their consultation whereas doctors are responsible to approve or reject appointment. Doctor is holding full history or complete medical profile of their patients such as prescriptions and reports etc. which is also accessible to patients. Doctors are holding authority to decide fees structure. Payments have been done through payment gateways such as jazz cash, easy paisa etc.

  • Admin Panel

Admin refers to the company who had bought the software telemedicine in order to facilitate the people of remote areas from the basic health and care facility and reducing the constantly increasing death rate from the dangerous diseases. QSOFT is offering compatible telemedicine software at reasonable prize. The admins are responsible to deal with the admin panel with their admin signup or login accounts. Admins are responsible to manage the doctor and patients’ profile and create ease to proceed treatment through online consultation.
Further, admins are responsible to investigate the doctor. Either the doctor is properly qualified, background, registered or verified through PMDC. Admin is responsible to correctified error, referenced policies, system configuration. Moreover, admin panel set few percent of the fee structure side by side doctor fees structure.

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Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is considered blessings for the people of remote area. People from the remote area can easily access to health and care facility. Doctors and patient have their face to face interaction without having meeting to virtual world. It has created wonderful opportunity for the patients to access qualified, registered and verified doctors through PMDC. Patients can successfully reach to the doctors in order to have a better treatment. Telemedicine is holding numerous benefits few are given below:

  • Appropriate Treatment

Health care system is getting advance through the telemedicine. As skilled nursing has been done in order to reach till the efficient treatment. Doctor and patients are holding record or reports of various examine tests and prescriptions. It also allows the examiner to efficiently monitor the whole process of treatment and reach to the better outcomes in shape of patient’s health.

  • Transportation

Telemedicine has reduced the gap through cloud-based system. Health facilities are easily accessible to patients at home without covering a long distance for searching better treatment. Those patients who are unable visit doctors can easy access to doctors for making continuum in the treatment. The women suffering from complicated pregnancy or other issues are considering better option of having online consultations. No one is required to skip their work or office hours as they can move to online consultations.

  • Qualified Doctors

Telemedicine has given the opportunity to have a treatment with a qualified doctor through online consultation without wasting their time to wait for their turns in the clinics and wait to increase the problem regarding their health. Doctors and patients can communicate through channels and video calling.

  • Time Saving

Telemedicine has saved the time of doctors and patients. Doctors and patients can easily have quality of communication through online consultation. Doctors approve the appointment according to their comfort and treat the patients without having loss of time of travelling. On the other hand, patients receive better treatment without wasting the time of traveling long distance and wait in the clinic for so long for their turn. It has created a comfort zone for doctors and patients as well.

  • Cost-Effective

Telemedicine is found blessing for the patients as well. Patient considered them save from the hospital charges or other clinical charges which creates hustle bustle in their mind and considered a kind of hindrance to reach till the successful treatments.

  • Privacy

Patients who feel uncomfortable to share their problems Infront of other then doctor can communicate and treat themselves in an appropriate manner. Patients feel comfortable and can easily maintain the privacy level.

  • Generate Revenue

Admin have created opportunities for the people of rural areas to have efficient treatment at reasonable cost. On the other hand, they have successfully opened the doors of the earning in shape of good revenue. As Facilities has grabbed the attention of users.

  • Ease in Payment

Moreover, payment is ease at their private payment gateways that facilitate or seems comfortable to the patient. No need to stand for long queues to wait for their turn to get appointments as well as made payments.

QSOFT Telemedicine

Qsoft is one of the well reputed and adorable software houses. qualified developers are working to reach meet the global standard and successfully maintaining good relationship with their local and international client. QSOFT is working to developed cloud based and robust software’s to meet the international standards a long with customized solutions. Qsoft telemedicine is dynamic product as it can be easily applicable for private and public sectors. Group of organization used easily to facilitate remote patinets.


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