Easy Case Manager

Easy Case Manager

The easy case manager has grasped its significance for lawyers and advocates for preceding their legal dealing and managing legal information. The easy case manager is accommodating the power of attorney. The management of legal daily tasks such as managing legal information, meetings with the clients, arranging the information received from the client, daily meeting reminders, management of confidential documents along with the element of privacy, managing the active cases and docket cases. Management of collected information manually is really laborious work and need efforts to organized for daily task and jumping to another case task without mismanagement. Easy case management software is responsible to manage the cases of clients, billing, docket cases, documents, schedule meetings, open case reminders of cases, etc. Further, it is also helpful to organize the client data in order to proceed with the case. The easy case manager is crucial for organizing the data of clients and cases of clients in order to deal with all aspects of the case and proceed to hear. Easy case management software is based on a single portal user portal for lawyers and advocates. It helps to keep updates of every case by managing the documentation of cases and details of cases.
Easy case management software is considered an innovative idea to shift from paperwork or manual arrangement and organization of files. Easy case manager has capabilities to critically organize and manage case details and deliver great experience with satisfaction. Furthermore, easy case management software is blessing for advocates. Ease case manager software helps to record information of clients and case information. Moreover, lawyers can update the status of cases as per requirement or after hearing of the courts. All documents regarding cases, billings and fund are highly secured through the password privacy. Easy case management software has created ease for the lawyer’s advocates to deal with the legal matters. All the information’s are securely available to the advocates anytime, anywhere to deliver exceptionality to clients.



It has simplified billing process. Ease case manager has saved advocates from time taking and complicated software for billing process. Development of invoice manually is really time taken process, but easy case manager has reduced time by just adding to entries. Preparation invoice, sharing and payment may take place within nano seconds. It tracks all the invoices outstanding and overdues payments and account receivables. It has benefited with the automated reminder of invoices.
It has features of keeping track of the task has been performed. Smart time finder has capability to record the time of the task performed and develop the entry. Basically, advocates deal several cases per day. It needs proper, timely and clarify record and immediately jumping to different records without having hustle bustle of manual record. Further, easy case manager has created ease for the clients to pay their amounts through credit card. Advocates can easily keep automated record invoice of the partial and complete payment along with history of date and time.
Moreover, easy case manager has brought the clear mirror of the firm. It visualized the dark side of the firm by automated update of receivables. The potential to visualize the status of firm through the financial reporting.

Case Management

It is considered central hub of storage of documents and provision of updated records. Competency of managing files with critically organized manners. Advocates have availability of documents on fingertips. Easy access of the organized information to advocates anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones. Easy case manager is holding secure data with confidentiality having no risk or fear of losing data. Furthermore, it can be operated through mobile phone even editing can occur.
Calendaring update is efficient feature of easy case manager. It effectively manages all the events dates and reminds with a single glance. Management of events, case hearing, appointment and deadlines of the receivable can be easily adjusted as per requirement and use as reminder. Moreover, easy case manager provides comprehensive and synchronize report of case at single glance. It helps to keep the record of the cases has been opened or closed. Monthly basis record of cases for monthly achievement of firm has been recorded. It has created automation of firm practices, task, events.

Client Involvement

The crucial aspect of easy case manager is the involvement of clients. Easy case manager software has quality to inform clients through the messages, email, text etc. Easy case holding capacity to store the messages as record. Further, clients do not have to face difficulty to attend phone calls repeatedly while information is store securely. Easy case manager is convenient for the clients as messages are share quickly send, seen and store as evidence for further procedure. Collaborative actions are requirement of clear communication while the easy case manager has competence to potential deal with the problem through easy sharing of files, written communication and invoice notes etc.


Technological innovation has synchronized the world. It has improved the capability of management and organization. Easy case management software is created facility for advocates to work in an organized manner. The following are the benefits of the easy case manager software.

Arranging and Organizing

Easy case manager software is really helpful to manage day to day tasks of the lawyers. Such as arranging meeting, making sure that there are no clashes between the schedule time. Quick schedule of appointment in calendar and making reminder of meeting with the clients and reminder of hearing. Further, proper organization of the document regarding different cases on single place at single click.


Easy case manager software helps to maintain element of privacy. Almost all the document regarding legal activities need confidentiality. The software provides the security to the documents regarding cases.


Easy case manager software is having crucial aspects in maintaining the calendar schedule of meeting. It reminds the deadlines of tasks and meetings. It helps to constantly remind through the mobile app.

Access legal documents

Easy case manager helps to access legal documents from anywhere at any place. The burden to keep all files in an organized manner for hearing has reduced for lawyers. Maintain documents can easily retrieved by the advocates. As data is stored in cloud based easy case management software.

Qsoft Easy Case Manager

Qsoft is one of the devoted software houses working hard to meet the international level. Qsoft is working hard to meet the standards globally with secure UI/UX. Qsoft easy case manager is cloud based software helpful to manage the legal activities for advocates. The potential to maintain, organized and share documents for hearings. The system leads to management and organization of legal activities and legal documents. Further, it helps to manage the schedule of meetings and reminder. Qsoft easy case manager software is based on customized solutions to improve the legal activities along with management of the meeting schedule.

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