QCMMS (Computerized Maintaince Managment System)

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It refers to software used for preventive and corrective maintenance of industrial equipments and assests.

CMMS deals with the schedule, organizing, keeping track of inventories to take preventive action for the reduction of work breakdown and rocket the productivity level of industries.

Maintenance of the equipment’s is considered crucial aspect for the progress of the industries. CMMS maintenance software’s has improved the quality of task from manual to automation. As all the task of maintenance which include equipment history, costing, management of data and control on records.


Tracks of equipment’s:

CMMS software holds crucial aspect in the maintenance of the record of the equipment used by industries to maximize the productivity of their industries by minimizing the break downs. It is found that use of CMMS cloud is playing great role in the manufacturing industries as it has taken the place of paperwork to keep the records of the machine equipment’s depreciation. Timely action can be taken to replace it without having a loss. For example, a part of equipment has expired. It will be track by using CMMS and information has been given to the technicians about the need to replace part in order to overcome the loss of productivity. Managers are notified about the part in order to take instant actions.

Preventive maintenance:

CMMS software leads the industrial work from reactive to proactive scenario. Best CMMS software’s helps to maintain the record of every machinery equipment’s and depreciation of the machinery. For example. It is recorded in CMMS that particular machinery parts need to replace after 3 months. Best CMMS cloud will help to memorize the renewal date of the particular equipment after exacting 3 months. Preventive and timely action can be taken in order to reduce the risk of life as well as risk of serious breakdowns. CMMS helps to reduce the work loss by keeping schedule of every machinery within industry

Corrective Maintenance:

It is considered time taking and difficult process for industry to manually processed. CMMS helps in preceding complain quickly to the engineers as the machinery is not working properly. In that case, industrial work must stop for instant consideration in order to reduce further risk. Quick collaboration and quick response have been takes place.  Moreover, it is observed that employees are properly responding to the complaint as the report of employee progress has been made.

Paperless Maintenance Routine

Computerized maintenance management software is considered an important aspect for the industries to reduce the paperwork which is time taking and costly as well. CMMS replace the manual working of maintenance of machine with automation.

For instance, a part of the machine needed to replace. Manual request has been made. No doubt, it will take time to reach the supervisory department and approval. Plan has been made. Scheduling will occur. Equipment part will be replaced, and data will be recorded in shape of equipment history, costing and management of data. The whole process may take long period of time. On the hand, the same work will be processed by the CMMS cloud within minimum period of time without having long term breakdown of industrial work.

Further, Dramatic manual workload has been reduced with the CMMS cloud-based software. Moreover, CMMS helps in scheduling, organizing, keeping track, optimizing, record of asset history and ensure work performance. Moreover, frequency of breakdown can be reduced along with the rocket manufacturing. Further, report of employee’s performance has been prepared for observing serious actions of employee on complain.

Feautures of CMMS

CMMS has numerous features, certain are as follow:

Mobile responsive

CMMS software can be easily operated from anywhere. It is easy to maintain record of the equipment. Technicians can easily maintain the record of equipment’s and processed it to higher authorities for timely action and reduction of breakdown.

Easy to control

CMMS is user- friendly as it can be handled and control easily. It can be helpful for the user to maintain the record, tracking and reporting data. Its main focus is maintenance of the industrial machinery rather than figuration of software.


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