Unseen places of the world

Unseen places of the world

We all knew the fact that this world is a crazy place which is filled with different places, people and unexplored areas. Every country has its own specific trends and culture that people of that area have to adopt eventually. It is a ground breaking truth that all the places of the world are not explored by people and some are still hidden by nature.

As time is passing by, things are changing and people are trying to dig at every place to find out more about this fascinating world. Let’s explore some places that are still yet to be discovered by the tourist.

  • There is a temple known as Angkor Wat present in Cambodia which as previously served a place for worship for Hindu’s and after sometime it was changed into a temple for Buddhist people. It was established in the 12th This temple has gained a lot of popularity since the last few years and tourists and going over there to explore the beauty but most of the time this temple remains empty.
  • There is a castle East Sussex, England which is known as Bodiam Castle. This castle has the old beauty as it came into existence on 1385. This castle was unseen and not many people knew about it until it was opened to the visitors in the year 1925 when the Lord Curzon’s died. It is a beautiful place to visit and you can enjoy every instinct of it.
  • China is a well populated place and still there are places which the world has not seen yet. One of the places from China’s list of unknown places is Wonderland amusement part which is located near Beijing. The architecture of this park is really good and the idea for the construction of this park was given by property developer of Thailand. This park covers the area of 120 acres of land and it is said to be that this park is one of the biggest amusement park present in the whole Asia. But, unfortunately the construction of this beautiful place was left in the midway due to some financial issues.
  • Dubai is also a famous place for the visitors yet it also has some places that travelers haven’t seen yet. One of the place which is still unknown to most of the people is The Farm Al Barari which is a manmade haven present in the middle of desert landscape in Dubai. It has a peaceful dining experience in a composed environment. You can enjoy great food in harmony at this place.
  • Japan is well known a place for technology revolution but I am sure you haven’t heard about the Hashima island which is present in Japan. The people started entering into this island in between the years of 1887 and 1974 and it was known as a place for coal mining. Coal mines in Japan started to shut down because coal was replaced by petroleum and Hashima island comes in the same group.
  • India is expanded on a huge area and most of its places are still unknown to people. One of that place is called as Kalavantin durg which is near the area of Panvel in India. The beauty of this place is that it is located at quite a high place which has a height of around 2300 feet. The name of this fort was placed on a queen Kalavantin.
  • Algarve cave is the stunning sea side cave located in Algarve of Portugal. It is one of the biggest wave cut collapses the world. Algarve surrender stands like a safe house on the ocean shore and faces activity of waves all circumstances. The in and out action of sea waves and filtering of sun lights through the holes becomes interesting attractions at Algarve cave.
  • Hamilton pool have culminate roof made of stones and furthermore encompassed by normally cut limestones. Angling, biking, outdoors is entirely precluded in the site. Guests can likewise observe number uncommon winged creatures inside the site.
  • Black Forest Germany is one most unknown place in Germany. The Black Forest is the origination of skiing in focal Europe, with the main ski club being established at the Feldberg Mountain those ascents to a tallness of 1,493 meters. It was here that the main wooden skis were delivered and the principal ski lift constructed. Today, the Feldberg locale is one of the biggest ski resorts outside of the Alps.
  • Great blue Belize, Central America hole is the largest see of the world. located in the coast of Belize in Central America. The mysterious blue is a part of great coral system and enriches wide varieties of marine life. There are also millions of years of old limestone walls at the site.
  • Lavender fields of London are the finest lavender nursery in the world.  The fields are opens every day for guests. The lavenders inside the nursery develop absolutely in natural techniques. The lavender documented additionally pulls in many butterflies and little feathered creatures.

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