Warranty Management system

Warranty Management System


Warranty is basically technique used by an organization to increase goodwill of organizations. Further, through the services of warranty organization does not only compensate the customers but also create charisma to grab the attention of the more customers.  Keeping track of warranties of every product is really time taking and difficult for companies. It required a system to manage the warranties of different products and having records for the companies for further improvement in the production of companies’ products. 

Warranty management system refers to system that helps an organization to track, manage, record the warranties of the products. It is service desk software used by the companies to manage and track the record of warranties.


Warranty management software is the service desk software use to manage warranties that are claim by the customer for product. It is considered help desk software for the distributer of the different products. Field service software is having huge record of serial number of the products (electronic items) which are under having warranties and repaired once or twice. Warranty handling software create ease in the management of task. The capabilities are not only limited till the storage of serial numbers but also helps the workers at the moment of warranty claimed. 

Warranty management system helps to maintain the efficiency level while dealing with warranties claim by the customers. The warranty handling system is based on different portals and modules. The users have access to their own working portal. Modules are set for the activities to perform. The process starts, when customer claims the product. either having warranty or not customer are welcomed and charged for the product when the warranty is being expired. 

Moreover, on customer claimed, the distributer will check the warranty of the product with the help of serial number allotted to every product by the company. Service desk software will help to find the warranty of product within few seconds. The problem will be accessed, and customer record will be developed within the system. Problem will be appeared to the portal of technicians; the product is having complain with serial number. Technician will diagnose the product and fix the problem. Service may be indoor or outsource (outsource to third party). 

Further, the product will be checked by the quality check department. In case of warranty the finance will be allocated by the company. In other case, the warranty expired product will be paid by the customer.  The whole process is secured and ease through warranty management software, having different portal for different dealing staff. 


Ease to access 

Warranty claim management is multiple frame worked as having different portals for the different staff involved in the process of management of warranties. Warranties of the products can be easily found through the field desk software as it is having record of products which are sold out all over the tertiary. 


Moreover, the record of the complains is available for the retailer of the particular companies. For instance, the Lahore admin can only see the complains of the particular country but the warranties of the product from anywhere. 

User friendly 

Further, the cloud-based system is having record of progress of the employee, either the complains are resolves properly or not by the employs. Moreover, companies could have accessed about the products that how many products are having particular problems, how many are under warranties, how many products first time fixed. the data will help company to improve the weak area during production etc. 

Processed output 

The warranty management software prepares proper understandable record for the companies. 


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