Online Exam Software

Online Examination System 

Online examination system is one of the significant methods of conducting exams. It is considered better, fastest and developing trend of conducting exams and evaluating candidates. Online testing software are capable of creating accuracy and speed along with paper less work, as it is the way to move towards the eco-friendly environment.  Online test software is the creating its own importance with the growing era of technology as it saves time and creates authentic result within minimum period of time. Although, it has developed the environment of transparency. An easiest way to manage the progress, skills and knowledge of the candidates belongs to educational institute, business department and any other sector. 


The online test software is based on two portals such as Administration portalCandidate portal. 


The portal is handled by the administration or examination department. The portal is based on different modules.  

Question Module 

The module is based on questions for the assessment of the candidates. Questions are in Multiple Choice Questions form according to the subject and tags. The number of questions is depending upon limited time period in order to maintain the transparency of online quiz. Moreover, the questions can be shuffle for different applicant according to demand of the examiner for appropriate result and fair trial for each. 

Answer Module 

The module is based on the option for given question or statement. The options contain one or more correct answers. The options of the statement can shuffle as per the demand of the instructor.  

Candidate Module 

The module consists of the information of the candidate. It includes the user ID, password, email Id, phone number etc. It must have information of the group of candidates for instance: the candidate belongs to the group of software engineering etc. 

Test/Exam Module 

The module is based on exam. It must have test configuration. Candidate can start and end the exam with particular time period allowed by the examiner a long with mention time duration to perform the exam. The test can only be performed by those group of candidates, who are allowed by the examiner to perform the exam. Moreover, the exam is having element of transparency so that neutral result can be drawn. For the purpose, the examiner can shuffle the question and answers for every particular candidate. For instance; the examiner has allowed the software engineer group to perform the exam only one times by each student at particular time within mention time period.  

There are two types of test. 1) Pool test 2) Normal test. 

  1)Pool test: 

Test is based on Multiple choice questions, but the system is given command to select questions randomly from the pool of the questions. In this way, every candidate must have different questions with the element of transparency. The system must contain artificial intelligence. If a student has attempted wrong question of particular subject and tag, the system will be appeared next question form the same subject and tag. In this way, the weak area of the students must be judge along with the element of transparency. 

  2) Normal test:  

The test is based on fixed questions which are prepared by the examiner in order to check the progress and learning of the candidates. 

Reporting Module 

The module has its ow significance for the examiner and examinee. The module is really helpful to show the progress report of the students. The development of the progress report is based on the attempt of exam by the candidate. In other words, neutral result is drawn a long with element of satisfaction. 


The portal is holding its significance. It includes the information of the candidates such as candidate ID, password, email Id and cell number etc. Moreover, only the group of candidates can perform the test, who are permitted by the examiner. The result of the examiner can be shown on the spot or at the same time through email as per the demand of the examiner.  

Benefits of online examination system 

There are numerous benefits of the online quiz software. The following are given below:  


Online quiz software creates the opportunity of neutral results. As all the candidates have shuffle questions. No body moves towards the cheating as the time period to perform the exam along with the duration mention by the examiner. 

Eco-friendly environment  

The online test system promotes the eco-friendly environment which reduce the need of paper, which means, no further degradation of natural habitat to prepare paper. As it saves the money of buying paper and ink as all the task of exam and progress report is best on system. 

Save time and Money 

Online system is productive. It saves times of teacher to prepare and check the papers manually. It also saves paper as all the exam is based on system along with the reporting of progress. 


 Online quiz system is considered the blessings for users. As it is free from compilations. In other words, easy to use. 


The online quiz system is considered secure as there is no chance of cheating. The students are getting shuffle exams questions from the bank of questions. 

Qsoft online examination system 

Qsoft is one of the adorable software houses. Developers are developing their software’s to meet the global standards along with secure UI/UX. Qsoft has successfully developed good relationship in international markets. Qsoft online examination system is cloud-based along with friendly and secure system with customized solutions. The system leads to the authentic and fair quizzes along with neutral progress record. Qsoft is  providing interactive online examination system based on customized solution  that meets the global standards.