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Create your own online tests and quizzes

For creating, managing, supervising and providing detailed examination of test on the internet or intranet, a complete guide or solution is QTAS. It is swift, fast and executive method to make and organize test for students, employees, people who are in any traineeship.

Create any tests, quizzes, and assessments. Ask any questions.

If you have any question in true/false, short answers, one word answers, essays, MCQs with more than one correct answer, you can utilize QTAS here. Also you can select the marking of all questions like 1 mark for correct answer, 0.5 for moderately correct answer, and 0 for wrong answer.

If you want to make IQ tests, different attractive questionnaires, and all such sort of quizzes. In such type of tests there is no right or wrong answers; it is vary from person to person.

Add pictures, formulas, animation, and audio and video files

Formulas, pictures, animations, video and audio files make the structure of your test more attractive. Adding graphics bring style and give professional look to your test content in considering with that of your website. We are always here in your way to make a professional test template for you.

The bank of questions makes test-writing a piece of cake

Bulk of questions can be categorized into various topics, sub topics. Every question can be making with its unique number according to the type of question that can be classify, prioritize, and organize by unique criteria based on different parameters. This process of lining up the questions and make a test structure is similar to the piece of cake.


Import questions from any text documents

You can find an import system in the QTAS structure, if you want to import text from any document, you are allowed to do it almost automatically but it is restricted to the plain text only.

Custom feedback, instructions, and explanations

Some questionnaire pages have some introduction or its theoretical background to which the quiz relates you can put this at the beginning of the test before the question starting. After the answers submission, you can illustrate the right answers; you can give reasons for the wrong answers and point out the mistakes.

Shuffle questions / answers. Use one page tests. Define your own grading scale.

Each time the test display, it will randomize the order of questions. One question per page or all the questions on one page, how you want the appearance of the test, it will be your choice. For the test results, along with points or the numbers of the correct answers, you can also make your own grading scale, the standard 13 grade system i.e. A+, A, A-, B+,B, B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-,F, the 5 grade system A,B,C,D,F or any other traditional grading mean to show the correctness of the test all in one.

Manage rights to access your tests

If you want to secure the test you can set the pass code or password on it. You can specify the test template for the particular group or guests who can attempt that test for a certain time period. Retest attempt is good but it must be limitize to the number of attempts, so you can do it as well.

Manage accounts and set custom permissions

Create the database record in the testing make-up. Allot the user to any category and class. Put some definite custom permission to access and change information. You can make administrators, operators for question entries, instructor, guest, regular user and set their permission suitable to them.

Send out custom results by email

An automatic system for sending the test result is developed in the QTAS structure. You can change the email templates. By making your own templates permit you to make you own message which includes only the particular information regarding results.

Manage reports

You must need to manage the test reports of each user or group. You need to maintain the record of their test report, each and every detail of it. Test date and time, how long it was, answers of the given questions, numbers or points for each question and for the complete test in total, grade, etc. you can also read, and change marks for essay answers.

Gather statistics

It is important to collect the statistics of each question. The statics gathering page will allow you to show the details that how many times the questions was selected by the user and what percentage of users go with that particular answers, how many times the answer correct, partially correct, or incorrect and how many questions still remaining to be marked except essay questions which being marked by hand.