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If you are not tech friendly then you may do not know what VPS hosting is!

Well, here’s a detailed description of what is VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, corporate hosting!

The abbreviation of VPS is (virtual private server) which is actually a virtual machine that the internet hosting service provide sell to their respective customers. The fantastic feature of VPS is that it has its personal copy of an OS which is (operating system), therefore, the customer will have the access to a high level user to that specific operating system. The customers have the leverage that they can have any software installed which is able to run on that operating system.

The benefit of having a virtual private server is that their functionality is same to a devoted physical server. They are software defined; therefore, they can be simply configured and created. The pricing structure of VPS is quite less in comparison to the physical server. Nevertheless, vps share the physical hardware functions with other similar VPS’s, it perform low if the workload is more of any running virtual machines.

Now, what is dedicated hosting? Also known as managed hosting service or dedicated server. In this kind of hosting the client has some restrictions and this type of internet hosting which is leased by the client is not shared with someone else. Dedicated hosting has more flexibility than shared hosting because the organizations keep complete power on the server. This also involves the selection of hardware and even the operating system.

There are many advantages of having dedicated hosting, some of them are very important. Such as, the resources of the server are not commonly shared with anyone. When a client selects a provider of dedicated hosting then he has the complete resources like a single server. Therefore, the problem of different websites blocking up the RAM and CPU is waved off. Another benefit of having dedicated server is that you don’t have to worry about the bad scripts that are present on other websites will affect your server processing.  The vital benefit of having dedicated server is that the system performance is enhanced as well as the security.

Let’s explore shared hosting now. Shared hosting is also a part of website hosting. In this hosting the internet hosting provider serves multiple websites pages and each have its personal internet domain name which is arriving from a specific website server. Majority of website hosting companies are now giving shared hosting as shared hosting serves as the cheap way for the companies to have their online presence. The websites that have more visitors and high traffic cannot work well with shared hosting. High traffic websites requires a dedicated website server. The foremost advantage of having shared hosting is that is it cost effective and can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. It is also acquired in less than $10 and you can enjoy the shared hosting services. It also provides customization which is very helpful when you have to manage your website according to your own need. You can select which whom you need to share resources, also you can have a look at the website statistics.

Shared hosting is also convenient and efficient way to manage your hosting needs. It provides website management and website hosting is actually managed by skilled and professional experts which is the most preferable thing for the shared hosting customer. It also allows you to focus on your website more and generate more leads than before.

The last website hosting type is corporate hosting. Corporate hosting is a professional website hosting which enables corporations to get advantage from highly skilled technical team and also maintain their website security which is not available with other hosting types. For corporation their information is highly important and they are more worried of how to make their systems more secure and efficient and corporate website hosting is the answer to their problems. Through corporate hosting the date can be kept confidential and a proper backup is maintained so that when there is a need they can easily restore the data. Through corporate hosting, businesses can have more reliability and the major benefit of having this is you can have customer support which is not easily available.

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