Ecommerce solutions

Before elaborating the Ecommerce Solutions, we would like to give you an introduction to Ecommerce.

Today we see most of the companies are using emailing techniques which is also a part of Ecommerce. Advertising through internet has become a necessity for every company to get recognition worldwide.

Use of Ecommerce:

It has become a common practice that people want to save time so they prefer online shopping which is leading towards a trend. From clothes to food, furniture to houses and education to travelling, everything can be done on internet.

Companies provide a variety of goods to be sold and purchased and consumers can pick up items of their own choice.

Payment options are also made very easy for buyers and sellers along with the ways as to how the products can be delivered.

Types of Ecommerce:

There are different types of Ecommerce worldwide.

  • Business – consumer
  • Business – business
  • Consumer-business
  • Consumer-consumer

Business- Consumer:

This type of Ecommerce is used widely in the world. In this type a business advertises its products and services to the customer (consumer) through internet.

Business- Business:

In this type, companies sell their products and offer services to other businesses through internet. The example can be a number of software houses selling different software or apps to other companies.

Consumer – Business:

It involves when an individual sells products to a business or businesses. If you have ever completed an online survey on internet you have been a part of this type of Ecommerce.


It involves when an individual wants to sell a good which is used  and want other to purchase them from him/her. An example can be, if a person wants to sell his mobile on internet, he is involved in consumer-consumer Ecommerce.

ECOMMERCE Solutions:

There are number of software which can be used to solve out any problem related to Ecommerce. They provide a gateway to design, change and maintain an online shop.

The operating system which is used to allow our customers to buy goods or our services, track customers and collect all aspects of e-commerce in one box is called Shopping Cart Software.

Ecommerce at Q-soft:

We, at Q-Soft, have many types of software to offer, which are user friendly and have proved to be low cost method to create, edit and maintain an online store. Our shopping cart software is different from others because of its uniqueness. The image is one of an invisible shopping cart. You enter an online store, select the product of your choice as per your desire and you place it into your virtual shopping cart. Once you are done with shopping, you click on checkout and complete transaction by providing payment information.

Once we started our online business we had to consider many aspects. Firstly we selected those products that our customers could not find easily in shopping malls. Secondly, shipping cost also increases the price and risk of mishandling. For example, found out the hard way: dog food is expensive to ship via FedEx! Then they realized that they need an ecommerce enable website. This could either be a totally new website developed from scratch, or an existing site to which we can add ecommerce shopping cart capabilities.

The next step, you need to create software to accept online payments. We need to obtain a merchant account and accepting credit card through an online payment gateway.

Lastly, the marketing strategy for attracting targeted traffic to your site and outclass customer services to retain customers. If someone is new to e commerce, then he should keep things simple and keep their limitations in mind.

E-commerce is an excellent rewarding venture, but one cannot make money overnight. One has to do a lot of research, probing, work very hard and take corrective measures after experience of researching ecommerce.

The Ecommerce solutions by Q-soft, has helped a lot our consumers to make a better decision in choosing an online shopping cart for their ecommerce store.