It was early 90’s when we entered the field of Software Development, Internet Marketing, Web designing and management. Since we were new in the market, our main aim was to increase the number of our clients effectively. Due to our best customer services, our clients have been much satisfied with our services plus we never planned for a promotional campaign of our products.

Our Team

We have a team of highly motivated staff who are ready to go out of the way to come up to the expectations of our clients. We whole heartedly believe in this term ** Customer is always Right** and make sure that every customer is dealt as a Premium Customer to gain his loyalty with our brand. This is the reason that our clients have grown significantly during last few years because of our unmatched Customer Service.

Q-soft and Competitors:

We have been dealing with many companies from almost all around the world, which gives us clear edge over our competitors. All these companies come from different cultural backgrounds, different technical terminologies etc. Since learning is a continuous process, we always keep our staff up to date so that they are able to resolve queries of our customers on the first call, whenever they are being asked for assistance. Due to our pro active approach, we have always been in touch with our clients, both old and the new, as we know that 80% of business is generated through 20% of business.

Our Aim:

Moreover we are planning to operate globally, since we have a HP Certified Business partner, since 2010. Our highly professional and skilled staff keeps follow up with all clients so that long term solutions are provided to retain their loyalty. The feedback has played an important role in our growth. It gives us new ideas to secure our business with the changing trends in this rapidly changing world.

Software Development:

The highly qualified professional software developers are working at Q-soft who has advance knowledge in problem solving and product analysis techniques and desktop based software development.

Our department follows easy and persuasive process, which include the following steps:

  1. Sharing requirements is needed in the form of related documents.
  2. Once the required information is provided, our developers will start working on it.
  3. The team of experts then start working on the product.
  4. After developing the software, it is set out in your system and can be tested afterwards.

During the entire process of software development the client and the team of developers remain in contact to ensure the excellent service. Another aim of our team is to come up with a product which free of errors and is easy to execute. The changes can be made anytime on request for the customer’s satisfaction. We keep the customer’s constraint, opinion and proposal in mind as these are very helpful in the development process. We charge our customers very economically with the cream of hardworking and skilled developers. Our developers are proficient in the following:

  • Financial Accounting System – VB/Oracle/SQL Server
  • Learning Management system
  • Systems Re-engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Database Administration

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is readily in use these days. Since the world has become a global village, one doesn’t need to start a business with a huge amount in the name of capital rather should know only that if advertisement is done in a way to gather one’s attention the next step of capturing the market won’t be difficult at all.

Marketing through internet is getting popular these days. We endow with a complete package of SEO services within reasonable rates, bringing your website on the top of major search engine browsing results and ensure a big accomplishment to your business within a very short time.

By being a part of Google, Yahoo and Bing search results your business will not only flourish but will increase the sale beyond your expectations. One thing to be kept in mind that success doesn’t come overnight, it takes time but we ensure you firm results for the future. The only focus should be on using the SEO techniques properly for an improved conclusion. We are here to provide you all the above mentioned services at very little cost and taking your business at its peak.


  • Internet Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Web Directory Submission
  • SEO Consulting
  • Directory Submissions

Web Hosting:

In the world where you have dynamic clients and customer all over the world you need to be there for them all the time, either by providing services or displaying the items. You need a certain system which can guarantee a perfect growth to your business in any way.

Today the customer has more choices than he ever had in the past. You have to show your best to be part of the competition. For this, web hosting solutions provide you strategies through which you can work to grab your own market thus enhancing the significance of your business hence presenting the best for the customer. For the ease of our clients we have characterized our web hosting solution in two types:

Window Hosting Solution:

A team of skilled people from Internet Service Provider are here to provide the solution that is easy on your pocket, giving you a user-friendly environment so that you can easily access to the website. Our Window hosting providers offer plan that can support all kind of Windows technology our client may use. ASP and the .Net framework, MSSQL database, the ability to catch into SharePoint and Exchange and support for languages like ColdFusion and C#. We have introduced simple and shared packages with appropriate memory, bandwidth and free domain registration. It will also help you access the website easily along with other attractive features. You can use any combination of your own choice for Web Hosting Solutions.

Linux Hosting Solution:

Through Linux Hosting Solutions, a secured server is supervised hence giving out a refined hardware, web figures, tools for recording files and the facility of electronic mail along with the customer’s support and combination of all these make the system work with ultimate perfection.

Services can be added or subtracted in order to maintain the efficiency of system.

We can work together to plan proper Web Hosting Solution to your business a boost. Moreover, our team of highly skilled professional will be there to perform the following tasks, round the clock:

  • Scalable infrastructure with 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Advanced optimization for Emails and E-commerce hosting
  • Control Panel that places you in command
  • Support you can trust on 24/7 and 365 days
  • 3-days Money back guarantee to ensure risk free trials
  • 1-click installation for almost every application under the sky

So, don’t waste time, call us at your earliest and choose a Web Hosting Solution which you think is, suitable for your business.

Web Application Development:

We have been providing services to a huge number of our customers from different departments for the last 10 years in web application development domain. The team of our developers is keen to work and have not set any limitations rather they are enthusiastic for solving projects which are impossible for others.

In the past years we have gained a good name and stature with the vast experience along with our technical team in website application development.

We can say that somehow the process of developing new software is similar to designing a website application. A big team of consumers, developers, consumer support agents and business analysts work to develop a certain application on web. So we can say that we have a group of learned developers who can resolve any queries as soon as possible basis.

All the questions which are asked by the users are transferred to the department of website application development and a delegate contacts the customer for further guidance.

We proudly construct an affiliation with our customers by providing them best merchandise ensuring their satisfaction. We are on a move, we dare more for challenges and endeavoring excellence to make our company the best on the world of web application development.

Click on to the Contact Us button and our company’s representative will contact you soon.

Our Amazing Team:

No doubt we have a team of multi-skilled members. Once you contact us, you are free from worries as our experts will come up with a number of solutions for you to help you out. We always believe in team work as each team member of our team is highly qualified and a master in his job competencies. Our work is important and worth approaching in an informed way. Our team works smarter, not harder as it helps to keep balance in vigilance, attention to detail and carefulness. By understanding the tasks carefully, we plan our first step with dedication which leads us to achieve our goals. In addition to know our tasks, just keep yourself aware what has been done to-date.

We know our work the best, since we are 100% fit both physically and mentally. We handle one task at one time and we don’t jump on to another one. If our pace slows down, we always take a short coffee break etc. which refreshes our minds and souls and hence, we are ready to work again.

If you want to meet the other members of our team you can contact us by visiting the About Page option.

Creative Designers:

After acquiring the information, our team makes a layout of your website. Once it is approved by the customer our team start working to design a perfect website that covers all your business entities by using attractive colour schemes and motivational themes.

Internet Marketing Experts:

Our marketing experts come up with the latest market capturing techniques in order to help you out in raising your goodwill in the market and to take it to the top. They use different types of marketing techniques to drive traffic towards our clients’ website. Banner advertisement, targeted emails are the main marketing tools to bring the most value to our client.

Mainly our team touches every aspect of marketing whether it is internet or non-internet. Some of their job responsibilities are mentioned below:

Coordinating with internal and external partners in order successfully complete the task assigned Monitoring and control the budget, commissions and fees etc. Paid Search – key word success tracking Search Engine Optimization tasks – improving page layout, ensuring site structure is unique, tagging of product names etc. Social networking updating answering the customers ‘queries and trouble shooting.

Software Developers:

Since the IT revolution in the world, there have been a huge number of graduates from the IT industry. Our main objective is to select the best of them all. In doing so, we have an unmatched recruiting team, which is highly qualified and skilled. They make it possible for us to select the best out of them. Since the team of software developers has to play a key role in the design, installation, and maintenance of software systems. The programs our software developers create help us a lot in our business growth and provide with best service.

Based on our company requirements, sometimes our software developers are required to writing and coding individual programs or providing entirely new software. They might be asked to perform following tasks:

  • Evaluation of current systems
  • Giving ideas for system improvement including cost scheme
  • To run the software initially before going live,
  • Maintaining the system

Web Developers:

Like all other departments, we have highly professional team of web developers. They are responsible for the outlook, design and features of a website. They are skilled in both graphic designing and computer programming. The designers help with maintenance and modification to the website. They work with their managers for keeping the site up-to-date.

During the job, they perform the following tasks:

  • Writing and editing content
  • Designing of web page layout
  • Analyzing the technical requirement
  • Creating backup files
  • Resolving problems related to coding and decoding

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